DOM PERIGNON un peu d'histoire...

DOM PERIGNON a bit of history...

Dom Pérignon begins with Pierre Pérignon, a young 17th century monk, who aimed to make “the best wine in the world”. In 1668, he took up his post as cellarer at the Abbey of Hautvillers on the northern slopes of the Marne and succeeded in transforming wine into champagne. Since then, he embodies the original and mystical character of the creation of champagne. Since then, the famous Champagne House has remained faithful to this creative ambition. It selects and blends the best terroirs, the best vintages in search of excellence in the development of its wines.
Always vintage, Dom Pérignon reinvents itself with each vintage. The House will dare not declare a vintage if the result is not exceptional. Composed of the best Grands Crus of Champagne and the Premier Cru of Hautvillers, the Dom Pérignon style is tense, rhythmic, vibrant, precise, tactile, seamless, freshly ripe, intense, complex, sensual. They have incredible aging potential. A benchmark for champagne worldwide, Champagne Dom Pérignon has established itself as a true icon.
Originally, a vintage already spends 7 years in the cellar on the lees. A limited edition in collaboration with an artist is always produced (Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Lenny Kravitz…) the last being that of the singer and actress Lady Gaga for the 2010 white and 2006 rosé vintages. A second period of maturation for this same vintage then comes for the remaining bottles. In total, 12 to 16 years in the cellar! This cuvée is called Plénitude 2. These Plénitude cuvées were initially named Oenothèque, it was in 2014 that Richard Geoffroy decided to rename them in order to better describe the many lives of this champagne.
Today the Cellar Master of the House is Vincent Chaperon. He succeeded Richard Geoffroy in 2019. A limited edition named Chef de Cave Legacy Edition for the 2008 vintage pays tribute to his Chef de Cave and his successor.
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